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Monday, October 31, 2011

FU comics understands me (,:

some true facts about me, with some pictorial aid. for those who are words blind.
i understand how you feel. (:

now, have you ever ever brain lagged before?
the awkward moment when you cant decided what actually you're suppose to do?

it always happen to me , ALWAYS. 
im not exaggerating -.-

i have a habit of leaving my laptop on when i'm at home. 
ok, im a facebook twitter addict. lol. 
i dont know why am i always on twitter and on facebook , although i have been going through it over and over and over again. 

well, here's one thing about me....

so true. :B

additional random fact about me : i'll be a bitch if you ever ever step on my foot. 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

daddys girl i am

moody night starts kicking in at this hour.


its my first time listening to the song, i'm already there by westlife and actually read through the lyrics. it's about the husband to the wife and father to the kids being far away from them. not being able to be there with his wife and kids whom he loves dearly.

it somehow reminds me of mom and dad. Dad has always been working abroad. He did not actually seen us grow up. i remember mummy used to take lots of pictures of us when we were younger, develop it and post it to daddy.we did not have skype last time, that was one of the only way he could see us grow up. other than phone or email maybe. just recently, i went through my younger days picture, a few of the picture, behind it, i saw the caption mom wrote to daddy.telling him, the kids are growing up just fine. daddy has missed alot of our birthdays too.

and then, when i was standard 1, the first day of school, daddy came back , just to send me to school on the first day, and had to go back on the following day.

i really wonder how did mom cope with it. dad wasnt physically there for her. for all these years.

recently, dad was really fed up with his working life. he just wanted to come back home and stay with the family.  he wanted to resign. i called him up, crying over the phone, through his voice, he was exhausted, just too tired already.

sometimes, i may be being too much to my parents, i do admit. i cant take a 'NO' from them. especially dad. cause he usually gives me what i want. i'll get really pissed off if he says no to me. ),: he pampered me to much that i've gone too far.

BUT, i dont know why i still dont listen to them -.- they nag, they scold , they.. whatever la, i still dont listen or being the good daughter at home ),: harmonyyyy!!! be thankful kkkk

daddy and I.
some random fact for those who dont know,
we share the same birthday.
i was the biggest present ever gifted to him,
now im the biggest problem he has other than his work. 
love you dad (,: 

i realize how little we take picture with dad.

how often we get to be like this? (:

i'm already there- westlife

He called her on the road 

From a lonely cold hotel room ( until now, daddy longs to come home every few months)

Just to hear her say: ‘I love you’ ( cos mom really misses him, sometimes i hear her cry )

One more time
And when he heard the sound
Of the kids laughing in the background ( when bro and I are around, playing, laughing, talking ) 
He had to wipe away a tear from his eye
A little voice came on the phone
Said daddy when you come home (  everytime (,:     )
He said the first thing that came to his mind

I’m already there
Take a look around
I’m the sunshine in your hair
I’m the shadow on the ground
I’m the whisper in the wind
I’m your imaginary friend
And I know
That I’m in your prayers
Ooh I’m already there

She got back on the phone
Said I really miss you darling
Don’t worry about the kids
They’ll be alright
Wish I was in your arms
Lying right there beside you
But I know that I’ll be in your dreams tonight

And I’ll gently kiss your lips
Touch you with my fingertips

So turn out the lights
And close your eyes ( how did mom cope with the distance throughout the years?) 

I’m already there
Don’t make a sound
I’m the beat in your heart
I’m the moonlight shinning down
I’m the whisper in the wind
And I’ll be there till the end
Can you feel the love that we share
Ooh I’m already there
We may be a thousand miles apart
But I’ll be with you

Where ever you are (,: 

there were times when they wanted to give up. all daddy could do is to be spiritually be there for mom. maybe she had enough of being alone. 
i feel so sad, as father and daughter, we had nothing to talk about when we both went for dinner. i somehow really miss daddy now. ),,,,,,: 

p/s:  i'm crying throughout this whole post. lol. cant breathe now. lololol wtf.

sampat can die!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

gold digger

there's something more than just droplets of water,
there's something more than just a smile on their face,
there's something more than just a sound of their laughter,
they might just lose it all, again. 
be careful of what you've gotten yourself into,

before you dig out the earth to find that box of treasure,
make sure you've find the right spot,
or it'll be just a waste of effort, time and emotions...

Monday, October 24, 2011

on my dancing shoes

recalling back things i've done, went through, occurred...
we learn , we grow...
mistakes are forgivable, mistakes repeated are suicidal..

trust me, im not this dumb. 

making mistakes in the past, it actually made me a more matured person. from a brainless to a brain-ful. from a dumb blonde to a dumb asian   kidding, to a wiser person. from a who-also-trust to a smart in choosing whom should come in to my life, who shouldnt . etc etc... conclusion, harmony has grown up! 

last time,
i would willingly spend cash on someone who used me.
i would wait 4 hours for someone to wake up that made me invisible.
i would forgo friendship for relationship

last time, 
i was naive,
i wasnt wise,
i was rebellious,

from there i've learnt. 
i'm wiser, i've grown up. (: 
i'm nineteen!! 

if i ever repeat those mistakes i've done, seriously, find a wall to bang! -.-

Saturday, October 22, 2011

story of a girl

us, females, are some real complicated creature, i just dont know why are we even manufactured this way. dont question me why as a female, i'm not helping my own... gender and stuff. well, i'm standing on neither sides. it's just my point of view la actually.

guys always complain,

 why are girls so mafan? 
what are they thinking about? why think so much? what have i done wrong?
  why is she angry? why dont she talk to me? 

why why why and it continues..... 

i admit girls ( since i'm a girl, so it applies to me too) are a little hard to understand. erm, VERY hard to understand actually -.- see, they love giving hints. small little hints, and they expect the guys to get and understand their hints. girls tend to think that, if the guy understands, means they're really paying attention to them girls, or they really love her.  the thing is, guys are only human. they cant get every question right. sometimes, those hints girls give when they're angry, really quite ridiculous , eg: 


story: girl got angry cos..... the guy didnt ajak her out for a movie with his guy friends. 

boy: why are you moody?
girl: *sulks* im damn happy lo *cock stare*
boy: what have i done la?
girl: pft, whatever, kthxbye i wanna sleep. *turns in* [ expecting the guy to come sayang her!!]
boy: * oh, maybe she's really sleepy* alright then, good night. :s
girl: *wtf, like that also dont know, i'm his girlfriend leh, go out also never bring me, never regard me as gf also, emo *

cold war, 2 days.

the hell wey. whats there to get angry about? phail! 



next, girls are just awesome in ... jumping into conclusion. guys can be concluded as, playboy, serious boy, annoying boy, stalker boy, good boy. in just.. a short period of time. 

guys that met in clubs: play boy, not serious
guys that ask for relationship : wants sex, annoying
guys that give up asking for relationship : not serious, playboy
guys that cares : annoying, stalker
guys that drives expensive car : play boy, not serious
guys that have pretty girl beside him : one night stand, not serious, play boy.
damn good looking boy: play boy, not serious, one night stand.

WEYYYYY .. girls think too much! 
there are good guys out there ok...! 



females, the more you give in,the more they take control. the more they control your life, your life is doomed. hahah ok kidding.. girls tend to go over their limit. the more you give in, the more she wants, and when she expect more and when the guy is not able to deliver or to understand her, COLD WAR!

most of the time, when the girl expects 'more' , they actually dont know what they want. true story!

story: girl already know the guy will not be available for the whole afternoon, got class, got presentation. really important.

girl : * wait wait wait wait * i thought presentation finish d why not home yet.

boy: *still presenting *

girl : ughhhhh! he lie to me is it? he dont want me d is ittttt?!

boy : *just finish presentation  and text her * hey baby, im donee

girl: *replies* i want a break up!! you lied to me! 

drama -.-


ok i lazy to type already. 

actually, if you spend more time with us, females, we are really damn awesome creature. hahaha! we may be complicated, but that makes us special. if not we'll be god damn boring, kan kankan?! (: 

see laaa! i type so much, i forgotten whats the point of this post already. i think  i've missed it. i think the content there is enough to show girls out there, its like a mirror you know. what you read, is how you treat the guys. so kesian them. they are only human. be nice to them, they're cute at times. not always. 

and, why does guys always have to make the first move? girls can too. we prefer not, but doesnt mean we cant!



pSsss: im not being a hypocrite here. its my own true story that i over exaggerate it saja. (:

Friday, October 21, 2011

off the map

happy holiday people! 

since its holiday, i have the whole night to myself. no assignments to rush for, no class the next day. i can just sit down , lay back and relax. feels like im in heaven. haha! 

well, thanks to Joe, he made me wanna look at my baby pictures. it's been awhile since i've opened and look back. 

those were the days...

i was 5 or 6 years old.
look at the way i sat. 
so cho loh!
it;s exactly the way how i sit at home , till now. 

mom used to doll me up everyday before going to school. (:

the annoying brother.
most people says he dont look like chinese.
that, i dont know la. 

in JB house.
he was only 3 i think. 

i remember this! 
it was year 2000.
we both went to school,
and came back with KUTU! 

cheeky brother! 

Y2K bug.
i was so thin back then. ),:
what happen la harmony!

gong gong.
mums dad.
it was my 1 year old birthday.
celebrated in gonggongs house.
he's so dark, omg. 
*close eyes and prays to gong gong* 

harmony, 1 or 2 years old.
i loved chocolate back then, now, i still love em'

the parents. (:
datuk and datin wee. haha
daddy used to be tall and big.
now he is all shrunken up. 
he's old now. ):

harmony wee and truman wee.
mom loved to dress us up in similar outfits.
her theory was, if one is missing, she can use the other child to indicate how the missing child wore.
yea, we wore couple outfits ever since.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

10 thousand miles apart

final project 
first weeks progress. 

left, mawjia,
right, jason.

according to them, their site model represents their looks.
jason's site model is so DAMN ugly. click the picture, zoom it in! 

left is jason's work,
right is mawjia's work.

see the difference? 

and then, during tutorial, after his turn while others were still presenting to the lecturer , Chun Pao slept just like that. so cute! but wtf wey, like that also can sleep. -.- from what i know he slept at 6am and woke up just before 8am for class. 

the night before, i saw him checking in to Asia Cafe if im not mistaken. with eric and khai yii. i think so la. 


random fact : i'm in old town signature. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

say cheese!


ok this picture abit ABIT only ah, duoduo yeh. haha.

bad days.
cried so much within a week. lol cry baby! 
the family have not been very understanding. or maybe its me la. whatever. they're suppose to comfort me. pft.

god bless, everything is gonna be alright soon. 
which ever god also can. kwan yin mah, dua pek gong, allah , agong, amen. all also can. 

new mood remote controller. how long can it last?
i ponder. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

that feeling




i officially hate coming home now. SDUIxcvcoxdf8e9p0wq-[

 bring me out . anywheree 

fuck this placeee !


Sunday, October 16, 2011


story of a super chicken 

i'm super chicken.
i have man boobs.
i look awesome.
i'm super chicken.

one day, super chicken went to the market and got irritated.

then super chicken got really hungry,
he sang, 

and they lived happily every after.
the end. 

im promoting KFC. 


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mr. Wee

im sorry daddy.
sorry for disappointing you.
i have never done my part of making you proud.

i miss you, daddy. 

talking sense to me always makes me feel worse. 

'it happened already,
being careless is not benificial to you.
scolding is not the solution. 
it is the understanding of potential risk you put yourself in.
its a lesson. ' - daddy

Friday, October 14, 2011

tonight is gonna be a good night.

life experience. 

baby baby baby ohhh~ 
like baby baby baby oh~ 
thought that you'll always be mine...

3 cars in a row. wtf. i was the middle car. >.< 

sad case. 

i would have been having fun if this did not happen.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

will an orphan stays an orphan forever?

what am i afraid of? 

i want to be in the past and present at the same time. knowingly the past is just purely impossible to be in, why do i still torture myself for that? its been months. why do i even have to care? its none of my freaking business. good thing is that, i'm starting to accept the fact that things has changed. 

on another hand, the present. how sure are you? 

being too conscious makes someones thinking really negative. so negative that i dont feel im worth it anymore. wtf. ok maybe i shouldnt think like that.... im awesome. -.- 

those who are eventually leaving, please leave now. those who will stay in till the end, please stay. 

story telling time

theres this orphan named K. she was taken care of her biological family since young, they loved her . but due to certain circumstances , her family disowned her. she was lost, she felt unwanted, she felt all the bad things anyone could ever think off. 
till one day, theres this kind hearted family treated her nicely. she was overwhelmed that she felt there was a motive. she felt surreal. she felt scared. their kindness kept her thinking, is she really wanted? or they're just really nice people who treats her right?  because everything went too fast, too fast for her to accept the fact they she was well treated. the thing is, is it only temporary?

ok end of story. 

whats the first thing you see in this picture?
the sun or the shadow?
the bright side or the dark?

or, beyond the dark you see light? lol whatever.

wtf am i emoing. kbye

Wednesday, October 12, 2011




we tried to make a surprise party for him. failed. 
he knew it since monday. lol wtf.
we all pulak plan this and that when he knew everything was going on. 
oh well.
still, happy birthday pao~

myself and the birthday boy.
what a fake smile on my face. 

the newly made couple.
congrats shing and andrew. (:
like, finally they're together.

the place we went is at kota damansara. 
BIG BROTHER it's called. 
this dish i ordered. sucked big time. ):
or maybe i didnt have appetite?

but really, even others said their mashed potato sucked.

our failed cam whoring day. 
no matter how we take also not nice.
vivian emoed after that. lol


im a happy girl today. because, i bought new set of contact lens. 
this time is to enlarge my eyes.
so nice!!! 
but abit pricy for one month. >.<
still! i'll never use contact lens coming from korea. 
it's like 30 bucks plus for the whole year or something. i feel so .. i dont know, i just wont use those korea contacts. 

and i cute my fringe!

i dont like it. 


Tuesday, October 11, 2011


life of a student.

basic 6 steps of being an architecture student.

before assignments- after assignments.


on skype.

heeey helloo how are you.
tell you ah, yesterday i bought this 50% off shirt..
kaiii xinggg


off skype
at 12am

awww byee!
chat with you some other time kay.


turns on autocad.

omg what the hell am i suppose to do.


chill first. 
think first.

okay. doing... doing.. doingg...


ok still doing.. 
my eyes are also closing...
it's ok.. im hanging..
am still doinggg...



Sunday, October 9, 2011



really very nice la this video. <3 

take 5!

some epic shots taken in korea. 
i knowwww korea korea korea. we had LOTS of fun ok. <3
looking back at all those pictures automatically makes my day. 

meet tze voon.
the tallest guy. 
he walks like a camel. hahaha
guys jump as if no gravity -.-

their.... i dunno what is this called. 

snsd shot.
sze, liwei, viv , harmony.

how happy we kids can be. without parents.. haha 

everyone was suppose to be jumping.
oh vivian was too heavy. i coudnt.

another shot of tze voon!
i likeeeee! no gravity sial.

happy kids.

korean chic!
nah! to who ever i promised to bring back a picture of korean chic.
she looks like a barbie doll!
so pretty!

chun pao, me, and the gays. 

SABD students can be professional models wey! <3