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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

take over


chapter two.
on the way.
stay tuned. 

chapter one. end.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

i kissed a girl

birthday girl is drunk!

i did not expect much for my birthday after destroying that someones birthday whom i treasure most. as the clock ticks towards 238. i really felt like hibernating in my room the whole day. lock myself in the one small room and inactivate my facebook account. i was to ashamed to celebrate my birthday. on another hand, i felt, its just another day.

well, it wasnt as bad as i expected. i finally felt i'm slowly fitting in to somewhere. though was a small simple celebration, with me getting high and kissing everyone after that, i enjoyed. oh with a little emo'ness in between. lol. so drama. 

some pictures to show roughly how i celebrated my 19th. 
simple, but i enjoyed it. really.

 birthday drink. milk tea.
we kinda camwhored a whole 20 to 30 pictures on my laptop.
in pulic. omg i tell you!
 i swear this pose is fugly.
but this is the only one with fassler. 

 choong kor and ian kor.
in beer factory.
and then i started kissing everyone.

 ze girls. 
bad picture.
but its the best among all. LOL
cameraman drunk also i think

yan kor!
yoyo wassup

also it was a presentation day.
i wore.. like that for the first time ever.
 i swear it felt so uneasy.

the JAN intakes. 

its pretty much how i celebrate. LOL

oh oh, and.. daryl gave me a kiss... or two. OMG im flying. <3


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

california king bed.

things did not change in one night.
it has prolonged too long before things changed.

i once thirst to feel your arms around me,
i no longer.

his arms felt way better,
his hugs felt so warm after being in the cold for far too long.
i see him watch me sleep at night,
cuddled and nurtured me,

still, he sees you in me.
time, will be given.
give me some.

you made me smile once again.
<3 <3

Saturday, August 6, 2011

it's what you wear.

guys dont care what brand you put on,
its the taste the lady has,
and the attitude she carries.

i've bought this red red RED dress, supposedly its for a bet with a friend. the bet offer is, if i wear red dress, he'll belanja me to go for a drink or two. its basically a dare. 
so, yes, i took the offer.
i bought it, BUT. i regretted it like immediately i got home, i have no guts to wear that shit. too red ok.

do you think i should wear this in near future? or just keep it in my wardrobe and dont make a fool out of myself wearing this red slutty dress? 
what say you?

anyways, its for the sake of blogging.

random fact: i wore braces for 1 year 2 months and 3 days. not lying.