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Monday, May 21, 2012

drive by

someone once said,' dont listen to what others comment, you dont feed on their comments to live. dont rely on others to live, stand on your two feet , it doesnt matter if you're alone, you're strong enough.' this saying was from someone whom used to be really important.

how often do you find someone you makes you genuinely happy? how often can you find someone who is able to share with you about just anything at all in this world? or every time you think you have found this someone who could be your everything, something just has to happen?

at the age of 20, yes, i have a lot more to explore and experience. what for should i sit down here moaning and blogging about some teenage problems when i can be out there enjoying the time of my life worrying about nothing but my studies to accomplish? well, honestly life isnt that easy to not care about anything. many times i've choose to ignore all the problems, but problems will still come finding you at your door step and they never leave. for this, my patient tolerance has been tested.

well, i'm  not sure if i should share what happened on this blog. but theres one thing for sure that i have to learn is that, sometimes we cant blame on others for not being able to bring us the happiness we want. but very often we humans blame on our partners, best friends, parents,etc. for not giving us what we expect and want. cause its our own responsibility to find out the life we want to pursue, not for others to pursue it for you.

just a question i've been wondering for sometime. how long can one person stay in your life before you get tired of them? are there any ways to avoid from getting tired of each other?

having the best relationship with your family is basically all you can ask for. but having the best relationship with your partner anyone can ever imagine is just a plus point.

what the F am im saying here. lol.