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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

no sore loser

when pulling back feelings is not even an option.

it was only a game in the beginning. 
rules, terms and condition applied. 
both sides agreed. 
but when one of them took it seriously and loses the game at every move made. 

never be a sore loser.
since you've agreed to the terms and condition. 
the risk you thought you were able to handle, but failed to do so.
dont blame others for your wrong moves.

all this while, it was only a friendly match. 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

believe or accept?

some heart to heart..
bed time stories...

no strings attached, will always lead to either one string or both strings attached.
and usually, after the most exciting part of the puzzle has been solved, there's no more to look forward for.
but is that what we're really looking for?

sometimes, things we want to say, we cant or we choose not to. it can change the current situation to a whole new level. sometimes, it's just ego.
telling someone the truth is alright. its the responds you get is the one that pulls down your ego, if its of rejection or just negative.

guys and ladies are the same. both gender cheats, lie, hurt, etc. why being so stereotype?

sometimes, past doesnt mean anything. sometimes it tells the whole story of a person. so which would you choose to believe or accept? in the end, what is most important is the current that we all are living in, no?

i, personally think, i'm just playing my own mind game. i'm just afraid to lose. i dont want to be the first to go , cos i'm scared of response. response that will damage my ego brutally. ego makes people seem strong on the outside, but really, they're all cowards in the inside.

sometimes, conversations had in the past, may somehow manipulate the future. things they've mentioned, we remember, therefore, we dare not cross that invisible line. but have you ever thought, it's just some 1 in 2million conversation you guys had, and it doesnt mean anything?