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Friday, July 29, 2011

kings and queens.

MTV world stage yawl!
venue: i-city

free tickets!
i was called up really last minute and surprisingly daddy allowed me to go.

The best best part about this concert is, 
1. i had free tickets.
2. the ticket is REGULAR
3. we were in the Xpax zone ( which means, very near the stage)
4. we could see them so clearly! 

The first group performed was  pop shuvit.
he is a malaysian singer become VJ and back to being a singer again,
surprisingly, their songs were awesome!
mahabahaya was one of the songs they sung, really nice!

the second up was BEAST. 
some korean band, alot of girls were shouting beast beast, 
whereas the guys were literally BOOing them. 
oh, FYI, they are sooo good looking. <3

next will be NEON TREE.
i had no idea who were they initially, 
after watching them on stage,
they were REALLY good.
and im not exaggerating. 

nah nah nah nah..

30 seconds to mars.
his name is jerred i suppose. 
he really know how to bring up the crowed.
oh oh, the drummer is hot!!

'end' of 30 secs to mars. 
so pretty right?

now, this is the END of MTV world stage 2011
almost 30 people were brought up to stage,
some hugged jerred and didnt wanna let go.

the end <3

i had fun. woohoo!

random fact: i am a straight forward girl.

Friday, July 22, 2011

rescue team!

             SABAH 5 days 4 nights.


Featuring :

ian, ander, shing, janice,
jason, chun pao, maw jia, fassler,
nishie, iman , harmony, vivian.

SABAH tour guide


touch down at KK airport. 
first picture taken. 
we were waiting for out cars to arrive. 
oh, it was an avanza and a viva. (:

pictures below is not in sequence,  like.. what we did in day 1 or day 2. its a mixture of activities we did. (:


Island hopping.
pulau manukan and pulau sapi.
burying mawjia.

 just after our banana boat ride. 
for 20 bucks.

so pretty kan? <3

komodo dragon. i think. lol 
vivian was shouting like hell when she saw this thing.

the girls (:

after the whole island hoping.
everyone wet and happy. :D

before we depart.

i sometimes do wonder,
why do i even have friends like them.

nishe and me! 

to be continued...

random fact : i bought a red dress, it looks trashy. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011



definition: going out with another person, getting to know each other further. it may lead to one step above         'just friends' or it may remain as ' just friends'. 

question : if 'just friends' are going on a date, holding hands in public and being touchy in public, is it the right thing to do? i mean, both of them are not in a relationship with anyone. morally, is it wrong or normal or its not a big deal? 

p/s: im living in the 19th century, omg

in my opinion, if you are single, and going out on dates with different girl/ guy , is not a wrong thing. because, 
first, you dont belong to anyone. 
second, its only a date , maybe catch a movie or something. 
third, its a way to socialize and get to know someone personally.
fourth, not like they'll be having any...... ehem ehem.. 

so yea.

funny thing is, outside, on the surface, people might think you're a bitch/ son of a bitch. going out with so many girl/ guy at the same time. i feel pretty sad if people were to think of me that way. cos, i'm not betraying anyone for that matter. right?  im single...?

unfortunately, we're living in malaysia. people are not as open minded yet. ( i'm not either. ) i still conserve myself. (: but atleast i go on dates. (:

whats you point of view?

random fact : Im s size B.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

already is.

if you're not happy, dont lie to yourself that you are,
dont try to show people how fine you are,
cos you know you're not fine so far.

fake a smile, make them believe,
deep down inside, i'm like a fallen leaf 
where's the smile when you saw him leave?

i do wonder , why he linger,
if only love was easier,
WE could be the winner.

now as i stand alone,
hard and sturdy like a stone,
made a decision that i'll move on,
grab the new life i've yet to own. 

random fact: i sometimes purposely think of the past. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

it's your call

if our paths will ever cross again,
thats fate we're talking about.
if we ever were to fall in love again,
thats destiny.

so not very happy holiday to me. well its not as bad, but it's pretty boring, plus the fact that I-AM-BROKE. yea, not very happy.

so i'll be hibernating myself at home with tonnes of drama and movies, especially GOSSIP GIRL season 4 ( ihavebeenwaitingforalongtime) finally! i know <3 

anyways, pictures to prove i'm DIEDING. 

on my bed, with half a dozen of chocolate milk packets.
and one huge tin of julies biscuit. 
how not to fat?!

and, my room was bombed not long ago,
i rescued it,
but, i see little little cockroaches in my room. 
oh am gee.
i cleaned my room with detol lehhh! 

lost my IC, made my IC.
before that, locked myself in the house.
FML much.

spot me naked. 

random fact: i hand mop my floor atleast 3 times, 1 time with detol. (:

Saturday, July 2, 2011


PG 18!

p/s: its art

love me,push me, kiss me, touch me, 
feel me, hold me, embrace me, 
gently, sophisticatedly , romantically,
lift my feet off the ground,
make my heartbeat out of sound,
give me your whole,
i'll give you mine.


Friday, July 1, 2011

one out of two

i hate being alone, 
as much as i hate you to be alone too. 

hey there! it's the first week of holiday. and i'm already having the time of my life. seriously, i dont want this to end. its like heaven. not literally, but i'm really enjoying right now. please dont stop. ):  its only the first week. 3 more weeks to go. 

well, i did a very very last minute decision to balik johor bahru. ( place i come from, place i call home) suppose to be there for about 4 days 3 nights, but i only spent one night in johor bahru, and a night in singapore, a night in subang before i come HOME. 

anyways, i've done things i've never dont before, enjoyed like its the end of the world, being crazy even myself dont know im capable of. (:

pictures, more than words.

went back to former high school, smk impian emas. nothing much changed, teachers also tak berapa change. but! they had wifi! not bad all all eh. kampung area also got wifi. canggih sudah!
spot : smkie02

my primary school!! 
omg, everything in there is damn small ok. 
its even canggih'er than my high school. those kids study with air con,
my time, apa apa also dont have. 

now, on the way to singapore!

jojo couldnt make it. ):
me, jed, eelaine, kerwin.

ze gay friends. 

singapore club culture, seriously very weird,
you drink and smoke OUTSIDE the club before going in.
meaning, you;ll get high before you get on the dance floor,


meet david, and votson. 

kita 4. macam sohai drink outside,
but no worries, EVERYONE was drinking outside. 
some weird culture. 

i super duper kasi enjoy. 

the pimp. 

p/s: zomg, i did something i feel really very weird. zomgzomgzomgzomgzomg!

random fact :  i love new car smell