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Saturday, December 31, 2011

party like its 2012!


its gonna be end of the world, therefore its mandatory for us to party like its end of the world! 

1st january 2012. i think it'll take sometime for me to get used to writing 2012 when i write dates. lol. 
last night was a BLAST. although it started off with some little problems here and there. overall was awesome. 

my outfit for the day! 
wasnt my best. why? cos i've grown too fat i cant wear most of my baju. ):

we were in IKEA for meatballs.

and then  jireh called from VIRTIGO in gardens,
so we spontaneously went from ikea to gardens. for count down. 

my outfit became something like this. hahaha. whatever. 

while in IKEA/ CURVE,

did some shopping for Ian.
he should really start wearing short pants.
he look good in it (:

while waiting for ian to change to his 3 colorful pants. 

just to make our time go faster. 

and then off we head to VIRTIGO.

the brightest dance floor ever. 
i mean really bright, was kind awkward initially.

and the fun begin!

yea basically thats how we spent our count down.

with fireworks ofcos (: 



Friday, December 30, 2011

lets do it again!


(occasions are placed randomly, not following by date )


got myself 3 tattoos.
one more on my wrist.
my first ever tattoo
2nd tattoo.
did it together with joe.


went to singapore with my JB highschool mates.
and did some REALLy stupid things.

 in the club!


went to work. 
and got my highest pay in my life.
worked 3 days for RM780

as a travel fair sales person


went to korea.
met some really awesome people.
made us closer.
i wish i could go back there.


the birthdays 
everyones birthday we will go out.





attended orientation for FNBE new intake.
im a senior yo! 


went to sarawak with the gang.
when fassler was still with us. ):
we played, we laughed, we jumped, we swam.
we had fun.


met new friends.
new friends of the year.

 and got closer to one of them.


ups and downs with the family.
well, there are moments when we all really get together.
talk, laugh, love.


late night assignments.
staying up late.
watch sunset till sun rise.

 in subang campus
for few nights
 1:1 installation

to penang for assignments.

i have ALOT to say, but if i do, it'll be as long as a novel already. so i'll cut the crap.
2011 started off really rocky for me. i was really lost and all.
but now i finally got back on track. with all the awesome people i know and met.
love you guys!

bad thing is, my grades drop like.. waterfall.
will do resolution on the next post. (:

p/s:  i miss alot of people now. have been pretty antisocial for sometime.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


hola people, im on my short sem now. on the month of december. pretty sad, i know. 
but it doesnt feel like a new semester , cos i've not been doing any work so far. :P i'll start today i swear. submission was yesterday. :o 

just a summery of things happened and pictures captured throughout the few days.

part 1 
(18th december 2011)

anyways, it started off with 
IAN TAN JUN FENG's surprise party in his house. 
oh ya, it was a success. :D

the others head off to mist club after that, 
i headed home :D ( good girl in the making) 

the tradition! cakeface

a group picture of all of us that went (:
a picture of few of us that love beef strips. lol no actually only i loved it. 

part 2

ok so i missed this year punya work camp in melacca. this camp is not some... sleep in the tent and cook food using arang. no. its more like a bonding session. its held in a temple, but 95 percent of the time in this camp, we play. thats why i try to go back every year, even if im not participating. 

this camp is more like being able to do REALLLYYY stupid stuff. 
like the picture below, for instance.

shamus and jonathan, our committee. also our senior for this camp.

dressed as sailormoon -.-
IN the camp.

 the normal them,
OUT the camp.

see the difference? :)

and on the last night, 
which was the only day i attended. 
it was a camp fire night.
eeeevvveerrryyyone had fun. 
this year the theme is wedding. thats why everyone is wearing formal.
macam going to church je. lol.
mini club for the underages.

p/s: see the backkkkk there. those are ashes. for sembahyang wan. 

and since this year my brother joined as a helper in this camp.
he was the .. star? lol
girls go gaga over him( ew) 

on that night itself. we went to MIXX.
a new club in melacca.
i tell you, the lights were terbaik la! 
even the clubs in KL i go also tak as good as this.
the songs played was really nice.

from left. yi chiang, bernice, jonathan, shamus
and me inside all photos (:

part 3

laaassttly, my family and i spent our boxing day in singapore and johor.
okay, i went to marina bay, but i did not take ANY picture of it. 
so weird.
and i did not take any pictures of us.

so here, singapore. 
some building opposite marina sand bay, and bugis junction.

thats about all.

p/s: im stuck at home, again. no key out. im starvvvingggg!


Thursday, December 22, 2011

winter solstice

Happy 'tang yuen' day people!

Here's a short introduction of this winter solstice (tang yuen) festival 

Traditionally, the Dongzhi Festival is also a time for the family to get together. One activity that occurs during these get togethers is the making and eating oftangyuan (balls of glutinuous rice), which symbolize reunion. Tangyuan are made of glutinuous rice flour and sometimes brightly coloured. Each family member receives at least one large tangyuan in addition to several small ones. The flour balls may be plain or stuffed. They are cooked in a sweet soup or savoury broth with both the ball and the soup/broth served in one bowl. It is also often served with a mildly alcoholic unfiltered rice wine containing whole grains of glutinous rice.

initially, i did not know the meaning of this festival until this afternoon. Joe asked me if im having dinner with my family. i said, i dont know, im not sure. cos my mom didint tell me anything about dinner or what so ever. 

well, ok in the end i had my 'reunion dinner' with only me mom and granny. lol quite sad la. and when i see other family bonding together , so happy and all. i get really.. jealous. lol i envy them, alot. 

ah whatever im babbling here.
just to keep this  blog alive.

i have been really  lazy to take pictures.
i bring camera almost every where i go, but i dont take any pictures.