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Monday, March 12, 2012

a little here and there

wow, i havent blogged in months. i've attempted to blog since god knows when. lol actually its since i got my iphone and i post most of my pictures in instagram, i've neglected this blog ): 

here's some summery of what happened in tha past 2 mothts (:

chinese new year with the college mates. going house to house to gamble and collect angpao. 

and then we all sent nishie off to Tasmania to furthur her studies.
i think she's doing fine there, i mean shes experiencing alot of new things there. erm, for instance, she didnt know she could cook so well. went for grocery shopping etc etc.
anyways, she'll back back this december. ):
sigh, still so long more. 
cannot go hangout late at night with her for so long already.

and then, i went clubbing with mawjia and his friends,
L-R : mawjia, me, yi jzen, oliver

i really did not want to go on that day, cos we had some mahjong session in my house, and i just only had my period, lol. so i was pretty reluctant to go. but who knows, i enjoyed! i went back early though. didnt want to stay out so late (: 

just days after was valentines day. 
i had made some wishes, cant really remember all of them now. haha. so long ago already.
this thing is called 'kong ming deng' 
i dont know what is it called in english.

hotel party with the cousins. 
it was random to have hotel party, but mother thought it would bring us closer if all the cousins stayed together and berbond. lol.
L-R : celine, me, annjee.

xoxo, till then.
im super bored. but dont feel like blogging. kbye