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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

pumped up kicks

few things before going to sleep

1. i'm going to korea tomorrow. am not excited about it. tonnes of assignments to be done. submissions right after coming back. fml

2. i'm realllyyy addicted to 'pumped up kicks' been humming to it the whole damn day.

3. it's been awhile since last texting for whole 24 hours. lol not bad la. sometimes kinda.. no topic. 

4. i'm going to sleep now. lol. the main point of the post it the image above.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

take a dirty picture!

we are the champions, my friend! 

hey peeps! how's your month going so far? mine isnt that bad.  its the third week of the month and i had 3 weekends filled with partying. LOL. i know its not a good thing to party too much. but who ask september to have so much events. kankan? just before i want to settle down and do assignments, oh, next week i'll be in korea. imagining me and the friends will be in their night market shopping or partying or whatsoever. ahhhhh cant wait. <3  conclusion, 4 weeks of party. lolol. if parents were to know this is going on, i'll be a dead person. 

week 1

anyways, this month started with clubbing in maison. it was their 3rd anniversary. we didnt capture any pictures, cos it's really.. kinda dangerous. none of our parents knew we went. so we tak take pictures la, incase some picture leaked to our parents facebook or something , till then we need to eat shit. -.- thus, no pictures. but hey, it was kinda fun .. i think. erm, did i mention, S was there? i kinda teared in the club. wtf la harmony. had another round of lecture from mawjia. lol. 

heres a random picture that might happen in clubs la. lol. kinda lame -.-

B: dei dei, hot chic. lets dance with her la
A: dont want la. later she think we despo want one night stand
C: un tsk untsk untsk.

hahahahahah sorrrryyyy laaameeeeee! i dont know how to draw laaaaa.kthx

week 2

moving on. the next week.

it was mawjia's 19th birthday. we wanted to celebrate a nice one for him. but he had plans too. so we were thinking to merge together la. he actually booked a room in hotel sri petaling. WTF! thats like the most famous place for prostitutes. me and the girls walked in like normal, that was before we knew that places was filled with dirrrtttyyy little people. so degrading. pft. 

happy belated bday mawjia.
we'll do an awesome birthday for you next year.
without your ... side of friends. lol 

anyways, atleast we spent some time in puchong bought him dinner , a simple one la. 

we che and yan kor, at dinner.
we should really explore more food in puchong. lots of nice food there!!

the girls.
loo che, kon che and wee che.
in the hotel room. 
so scary. >.<
it was our first time seeing prostitutes at the coridoor waiting for customers. 
it was also our first time seeing guys came out from the room, calling someone saying:
eh, girls here not pretty la. got better one or not. 
lol wtf. we're so naive. -.-

week 3

thennn, the following week which was two days ago. 

it wasnt as fun as i expected. it was awesomely boring, in the begining. hahaha. some local artist we have never seen and heard before. their songs spoiled our mood. sorry no offence. but its the fact. anddd below 21 years old we cant drink. omg. we still did la. only janice couldnt enter the beer corner. lol. not surprised la. although she's 19, but she looks standard 5. hahaha. she marajuk'ed cos couldnt drink with us. 

until taio cruz came out. we all kinda got high without alcohol. lololol no kick. but still we did. 
so over all wasnt that bad la. winks!

picture speaks a thousand words. 

ian, yan, me, zhann, angel.

nishie <3
she emo'ed half way during the concert. 
dont emo k nishie. 
yao kai xin!

when will i grow any taller. -.-

 some new friends i met on the first week of this month.
from left:
me, joe, wong,yan, disheng, kenny, jean.

week 4
on the way. (:

Thursday, September 22, 2011

not time of the month

wtf emo post again.

'why so negative?'

somewhere in my memory, this phrase sounds so familiar. i've heard countless times. 

cos it's all saved in memory. 
i've tried deleting it. numerous times.
i also dont know why it failed.


mum, can you dont make my day worst? enough la can? 

im not even having my time of the month. emo pigu ah!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011



the most pattern guy i ever met. 
dont know how i even got to know him.
can go india for medical somemore. 

me: no one to help me read my slides before exam and story it to me already *emo*
him: need my help only miss me la.
me: fml.

me: no one bring me go take IC already. *emo*
him: need me only miss me la.
me: fml

me: i miss you la. *emo*
him: ya right you miss me.
me: fml.

enjoy your stay in india, come back a successful man and get your girl back! (:

Monday, September 19, 2011

“Black is Back with Arthur’s Day 2011”

party rock!

Date: 23 September 2011 (Friday)
Time: 6 pm onwards
Venue: Speed City KL, Selangor Turf Club

heres the map. click to enlarge.
incase some of you guys dont know how to go. (:

ok i'm so excited already. it's 4 days from now. woots! 
TAIO CRUZ is like the bomb. who wouldnt wanna see him? crazy ah. 

also some local artist will be performing. 
this is like the only chance for us to really explore our local artist music. 
take this chance to enjoy their songs, taio cruz songs, and our peeps. <3

looking forward! 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

wee che wants to sleep!

its raining is pouring, harmony is snooring. 
wake me up, when september ends. wtf.
i just dont wanna wake up laaaa. weather so nice! 

i is has to wakes ups. hateit.
i want holiday! 

party rock


assignment trip to penang.

the most suey'est moment on my life. why? first of all, my luck was SO good i was chosen to be the group leader. okay, never mind. and then i had to 'lucky draw-kan' my group mates. oh guess who is in? the whole set of top scorers. fucking stress ok. good thing is , later results better la.... insyallah. lol. third, there are 4 groups, and my group was to hike the hill. HILL is the furthest among all other groups. which means, my group and i have to hike up up uppp all the way to the peak to the mountain or hill la... to see birds ( for guys look down can d la,, geezzz) NEVERMIND. when we all were mentally  prepared to hike to the furthest, we were brought to the freaking wrong route. the hike was .. really.. speechless....climb so high up, to the peak. really to the pick. climb on to some big ass rocks on top just to see some view covered by trees. wtf fml.  words cannot express my pekcek'ness. oh oh. worst part is, when we were hiking half way, my body also very one kind wan. first day of period. fml.

count the words in red , sueyness. sighs. tim gaii ahh!

got alot more la, i lazy wanna type d. 
now let some pictures tell the story ya. (:

after the hike, i was moody, tired, annoyed, sweaty, tired, tired and tired.
wonder how did i managed to smile. lol. 
hate period days.

before we left penang. 
ze girls. only nishie not here. ):

kei kor without her braces,
konche and weeche with their couple outfits.

erm, the only thing i can reveal what happened in the room the other night.
*evil grins*

btw, this picture is so degrading myself. emo.
saham jatuh kaokao.


botanical garden. 
dont ask me why am i with them. 
i also dunno. 
too much nature for the month. :P

so.. i asked him to carry me. for fun. duh -.-
and the whole fucking course woooed and shout.
OKAYYYY... lol. 5 seconds of fame. lame~

we are proud to be camwhorer! 

agak agak like this la our penang trip.
now the rest are in BELOM for another nature trip. which means more jungle tracking and hiking. which ALSO means i am out, which also why i am blogging now, cos i tak pergi. LOL

ITSOK! we had fun too! 
me and vivian. 
the first ever time , spontaneously, no plan no friends no licence no money ... we went .. to milk. hahah! thanks to chunkit and kaiqin. (:

we spent our night.. pretty well .. i think? lol

will do this.. again. :D

random fact: i walk like a duck. 


Thursday, September 1, 2011

new found love

new found love for red lipstick. 
inspired by,

christina aguilera, from the movie burlesque. well, this is not her first time using chilly red lipstick, in fact, its kind of her trademark. no? i just love the way she's able to pull off the red in any outfit. * jealous* 
i thought, only fair people will look nice in red lipstick. NAHH! i think..... i look not bad in it. *syok sendiri! *haha. sorry, bare with me till i get to the end.

LOOOOOK! aint this sexy?

if not mistaken, this kind of lipstick, like non glossy, looks dry type, is called matte.  I googled it, and the result shows: Matte means not shimmery. A matte brown shadow is a shade of brown shadow that is flat and contains no shimmer, glitter or iridescence. 

so, i've surveyed a few brands, and asked for the price.

M.A.C - RM 88
Bobbi Brown - RM 92
Anne Sui - Rm 98

i think it's about there la. i cant remember the price exactly, so i conclude the range is from RM85 to RM100 for this particular type of lipstick. well, not all places have, like Shu Uemora, they only have the shimmery shinny type of red lipstick, which i personally dont fancy. 

i'll show you who actually brought me into this RED world:

this women,
cecilia poh.

out of no where, she pulled me to this bobby brown counter and ask the sales girl to apply some super red lipstick on me. so shy ok! i removed it that instant she finished painting my lips. lol. 

i didnt know how to appreciate, at first. 
just because i didnt take a picture of myself in red lipstick, we ran to MAC counter to get my lips painted again. We asked the sales girl as if we were really interested in buying. asking about the price, about other eye shadow and stuff. after she painted my lips, we took off. this time, i didnt remove. but i was really really REALLY shy. 


she took my picture, and i thought, hey, it isnt that bad,... right?i think.. 

i look so alive , that instant. Cpoh look so dead. lol.

and then, her turn.

pretty pretty us! both in red.
not bad la kan? 
i' will really consider buying this... in future. :)

last but not least. 
our Polaroid pictures.
at the right most side, EPIC faces of both of us. haha!

dont know why when im with her i can do these kinda thing. sighsbutfun.

alright, so much for redness. (: 



today is Jeanne Kok's birthday. 19th years old! sadly she's in aussie pursuing her studies. all we can do is to either call her or wish her through facebook. i did a little something for her. since she love's my house punya turtleslashtortoise. 

turtle misses you too! 

when she was still in malaysia (,: 
love you jeanne <3