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Monday, May 30, 2011

how i met your mother

its almost the end of the semester, 4 more weeks baby!

before that, tonnes, yes i mean TONNES of assignments. heading my way , drowning me away.

till then, i have to keep it up. no more slacking, no more procrastinating. ok harmony?

FYI, my life now is only work work work and more work. somehow, no matter how early i start doing my assignments, it'll always end up finishing at the eleventh hour. sigh.

here's ONE of the group work, i know i posted before, but this is the final thing. (;

till then,
im so sleepy now. ):

random fact :  i have a bad habit of not flushing toilet bowl. teehee!

Saturday, May 28, 2011


its always disappointing to hear  NO/ CANNOT/ REJECT.

i hate being rejected!

i was so excited. thinking maybe we can really have fun. like seriously.
mom one word. no. end of story.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

my bestfriend.

For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul- Judy Garland

this post wil be about the past. my past.

im going to post about this one guy who thought me stuffs i didnt know, showed me the outside world, thought me from wrong to right, protected me from others, kept me well, took care of me, he showed me what life really is.we shared quite some bit of memories together. going to places and created memories , those i will keep.

he's the best thing ever happened in my life.

well, good things comes to an end right?


all kept,  ♥ 

i've finally taken a step forward and move on. no more lingering to the past. 
like you said, we're still young, there many more chances to find the right one.
although i miss you dearly, but i'll get over it soon. 
i enjoyed every moment with you,
it wasnt puppy love, it was real.
if letting you go makes you happy, 
i guess its time. 

ily, friend. 

p/s: sorry if this post made you uneasy.

random fact : 13 is his lucky number.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

perhaps love

the only thing that keeps me alive is to know the fact that i was real to you.

i dont know why am i not stressing out much , when my other couse mates are like, kalang kabut doing things. omg. it really scares me you know. i know i have been procrastinating so much that i lost track of time. butttt, tak pah. i think im still doing .. ok. (:

i feel so damn fucking apologetic to those group mates i worked with. the last two assignments. i havent been doing well. ): i understand clearly if i wasnt giving good comments in the peer evaluation.

final assignments are up. harmony, jia you!

ziggurat <3

random fact :  i like bawang.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

i pray.

we may only have tonight, until the  morning sun you're mine.

Teenagers goes in and out of love. They think they are in love and that their partner is the 'one' for them. But they change and change partner so often that, the term' the one' does not really have a real meaning anymore. In the 'adults' term, they call it, puppy love.

What ever im crapping there.

How do we know if we are really in love? How do we know if he/she is the one? How do we know if is he/she the one we will marry in future? How do we know if we were meant to be? How do we know if he/she really and genuinely loves you back? How do we know how long can one relationship last? How do we know if they're gone, will we be able to move on?

Life doesnt come with a handbook. They dont tell you now, they dont give instructions, they dont have the perfect match like the chairs in IKEA , screw and the hole has the perfect match for each other to make things work out. Life failed us in this.

Made a wrong, there's always a u-turn. Written wrongly on a piece of paper, there's always an eraser. Typed wrong, there's always the delete button. Made a wrong choice in life?

People say, we're still too young to be completely committed to someone when you have not really seen the world. Why give up a jungle for a tree? But why cant we see the world together? Why cant we go through this jungle together and enjoy the scenery together?

One thing I have been thinking for a long time.
Why after a breakup, and if they patch things up together, things wont be the same?
Many gave me this theory, saying that, a broken glass, no matter how to fix it, the crack is still there. But if extreme heat under fire, the glass will melt and become a new smooth surface glass again. No?

Please enlighten me with anything you know. Ugh.

i know there's sunshine beyond that pain.

random fact: i bathe with my clothes off.

Monday, May 16, 2011

way back into love

come home already wont you?

for the sake of updating, here's some apple i've got at home. more will be coming in soon. stay tuned (:

i phone 4 or iphone 5? i'll wait till iphone 5 come out before i decide which to buy. imagine me in a lift, 10 people in it. 9 people using iphone4, the 1 without iphone4 IS me. THUS, i'll get one.

random fact :  i fold my blanket before i sleep.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

one last.

lecturer asked : so, have you both argued before?

me: *smiles and looks at him*
him: yess!!! she always scold me for making a sudden turning, she said the car will terbalik.
me: * looks at him and blinks with a fake smile*

i've been really broke lately, in another word, i have been stingy lately. i wont pump petrol until just before my car breaks down, only i'll pump.

this is the most relaxing week ever. i've not been really doing mush assignments. i know~! we do have assignments to do, but the submission is nowhere near. *smiles* ok, maybe i should stop procrastinating. ): if not last minute again. i shall not let that happen! again.

anyways, daddy bought a drafting table at the LIVING room. odd much? haha. yea its there. and i've been trying to look for a chair for it. disappointing part is, i went ALL the way to ikea to get the chair. tapi, takda jual. omfg. so far ok go there. ):  i still loved the moment, i shall not elaborate that further. <3

i tried to stop him. 
he still asked for it. 

random fact : my phone number is a digi number. 

Friday, May 13, 2011

no strings attached.

the blog i posted just days before got deleted? whatthehell.

if you missed the post i posted, i said, i promised to blog often from now on. (hopefully la) 

Anyways, architecture is also know as,  architorture. my gosh. so torturing you know. our assignments are never ending.  just before you get all excited over finishing one assignment, another 3 to 4 TONNE of assignment come slamming on your table. people actually died of assignment tau. 

recently i took back my DSLR and start learning how to take pictures with it. i know its such a waste if i dont use it right. THUS, i'll post some pictures i think its not bad for a newbie like me. 

i took this picture at some small alley nearby petaling street. 
our assignment was to find a site and then do something with it, which im not very clear myself. 
i like this site because of its background. but unfortunately, its kind of dirty and it wont be easy for me to do any analysis on this site.
therefore, failed site.

dear smokers. QUIT smoking. 
think for those who cares.

random fact : i'm addicted to starbucks.