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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

lesson NOT learnt


you want to be alone so that no one can disturb you,
but when you're alone doing things, you feel so lonely.

this is last minute work, again. when will i ever learn!
everything was going really well, until i started to get sooooo dammmnnn lazyyyy that i just dont feel like doing my assignments anymore.
padan muka la, now i have to rush for tomorrow's building construction exam and have to do inking for my studio, it's due on friday and FINAL SHIT on monday. and my model is .... oh, i dont even have my model yet. super fail la harmony!

procrastinate somemore laaaaa!

getting so angry at myself now. although i know there are ALOT of people are rushing like me, but i tell you, not nice the feeling. just feel like throwing all these drawings at the lecturers face, give one backhand. lololol. so violent.

3 semesters, STILL NOT YET LEARN YOUR LESSON! very nice ah rushhhh! omgwtfbbq!

ok, im secretly CRAVING for my facebook account now, but i cant. i have no self control. sighsssss.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

time to stop, maybe?

met up with rui and sean this afternoon.
they came over to buy outfits for some ball event this friday.
so sweeet, they're like husband and wife. lol.

here's jojo and sean.
oh, sean is a year younger than us, but he seems to click really well.

 and then, jojo bought the dress i wore. 
did you realize, she stands at the back of me all the time?
oh, to make her look smaller. T.T

you know what cup size we are now? 

just a short... update, 
since i'm really.. really.. isolated from this world aka facebook and twitter.
so , yea.. 


random fact : i get jealous, too. 

Friday, November 25, 2011


she wasnt good enough for him.

but, you?

If i walk, would you run?
If i stop, would you come?
If i say you're the one, would you believe me?
If i ask you to stay, would you show me the way?

try - asher book 

never compare one person to another. 

Saturday, November 19, 2011


i said i will party like a rockstar , didnt i?

cheers to the freakin weekend,
i drank to that!
dont let the bastards get you down!

the girls, 

look at them guys! 
the drunktards.

i enjoyed.

nothing much to say.


random fact : addicted to i'm falling- tylerward, cheers(drink to that)- rihanna , we found love - rihanna

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

queen of hearts

hello there! 

she's drained. 

bare with her. 

nishie and I went to old town to do work. 
was pretty progressive la. 

and then, at night, 
meor, mawjia and thomas came over.

we were stressed out. 


nishie and meor cooked this... maggie mee with egg and CHEESE! 
so weird la the combination.
feel so guilty after eating it. 

and then, later on,

please dont freak out.
it's normal to see them being this way.
i feel sad for myself. lol.

it's SX 21

why do i have friends like this. 


Tuesday, November 15, 2011


procrastinating harmony!

okok, here's a thing. was looking through some.. sayings, and it felt sooo true. instead of retweeting on tweeter, which is only going to flood other peoples timeline (oh-so-considerate) imma post it here . related me to (:

the colors i've set, are way to awesome for you to read finish in one go. 


Have you ever changed a whole text message just because you didn't know how to spell one word?

When a girl tells you about her problems, it does not mean she complains. It means she trusts you.

Being addicted to texting someone... then they suddenly stop replying, & you find yourself checking your phone constantly.

I do my homework for a while then I reward myself a short break. The funny thing is that the break is never short.

The more often people talk behind your back, the more often you're on their mind. Be proud.

Definition of bravery: Trying to fart when you know you have diarrhea.

Those random moods where you just wanna kill everyone for no apparent reason..

Saying "IM UP!" when you're actually lying in bed as warm as toast!

Wake up in the morning, and feeling: ☐ Like P. Diddy ☐ Like a G6, ☐ a plastic bag, ☑ Like going back to sleep.

Whenever my parents say "i need to talk to you." i automatically think of all the bad things i've done in the past month.

Pretending to die in front of your pet,, to see if it tries to save you ..

Deleting one 'ha' from your HAHAHAHA Because you think its a bit too much.

When you drop something and just stare at it because you're too lazy to pick it up

That awkward moment when you spell a word correctly but it looks wrong so you stare at it forever, questioning it's existence.

everytime when people tell me about my ex's new girlfriend, saying how good she is, makes me feel so.. worthless. wtf. not that i have anything on him anymore. just, dont compare can? 
nahhhh !

Sunday, November 13, 2011

dance with me

before some cousins, aunties uncles, daddys, mummys, brothers, sisters come and read this post or even blog. 
if you wanna judge me, erm.. let me tell you something, 



i've got myself another tattoo.
i swear this was really spontaneous when we decided to ink our bodies. on saturday night, Joe and i were skyping, then out of no where, we talked about wanting to do tattoo. 
somehow, i cant remember how, i called khoon, shamus, jamus all to help me get the tattoo artist punya phone number. if im not mistaken , it was about 11pm at night already. 

we quickly find out designs. 
designs after designs, we were not really sure about it. UNTILLLLLL, joe found this super duper cool website. supercoolwebsite  and, thats where we found it. (:

we left his place at 6pm. sunday. 

joe's first tattoo.
i was there (:
oh, he lost his tattoo virginity to me.

and came back with this.

top left, maycheer; top right, harmony
lower left: kahjoe; lower right: patience

oh, we both did on our shoulders. different spot la ofcos. the spot i did, i swear it was pain this time. i mean memang its pain la. but was extra pain. aiks. 

so pretty kannn!

dont spoil my mood. i say pretty means pretty!

i had an ink on my wrist too. (:
for free.
its a virgo sign.


random fact: if i dont like the way you are, i'll say it straight to your face. if you were to call me, 'dangerous' yea, maybe i am. if you say i am some 2 sided...whatever you call that. fuckyoumotherfuckerbitch!

Friday, November 11, 2011

turn off the lights

random post.
i found this picture in my album.  
was on MTV world stage night. AFTER the show. 
at the carpark.
thinking back. LOLOLOL i was SO damn heavy!

look at the huge thing on top of him.
poor mj.
fun times.

kbye. (:

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

waitin outside the line

tuning in to- waiting outside the line -greyson chance

being sentimental at this hour. 
it has been raining at night for the past few weeks. i've been wanting to go out for a short walk. i love the breeze, the chill, those little droplets of water getting  your shirt all damp. using umbrella la ofcos. i'm not being emo ! it's a happy thing for me. lol

well, you all should try it. it's nice. it wont help you forget things, in fact, things comes when you're walking alone like that, but your mind will be clearer. for me at least. 

i still wanna specify,

being alone does not mean i'm being emotional or what. i just feel all of us need time for ourselves. you dont live on others, so what for being with them all the time? being alone, do things at your own pace, no gossips, no judgement, no hatin', no lovin'. just you.

ps:   dont know la. thats me.but ofcos, if you ask me to do this 
everyday, i'd rather die. lol it's so boring. once awhile ok laaa.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sunday, November 6, 2011




i have pretty eyes again today. :D
yes, not enough sleep. 
how i wish my eyes are like this everyday . sigh.

it's already sunday. 
i still have lots to do for tuesday internal crit.
and i do mean, ALOT. sighs.

i've been doing work in SS15 taylors subang campus, this place is actually not bad you know. wifi everywhere and fast somemore. and kids here kan ( ehcheh, sound so old ) like tak pernah see architecture students doing work. keep looking at us. haha well, i take this as a good thing, cos i'll try my best to impress them with my designs. LOLOL WTF

anyways, here's what i had for lunch with nishie.
i wasnt feeling very well this morning, my throat has been really bitchy to me lately ),:
so i wanted to eat porridge,
i brought her to this place , teochew porridge, just the opposite row of subang parade. really nice ok! 

2 girls, eating all this!
theres 8 dishes actually. didnt take the last one. 
and it cost is RM 22 ONLY!!! wtf
im sure can tahan till night time. (:

till then!

random fact: i'll have double eye lids if i have not enough sleep or if i have cried the whole night . (,: love it

Saturday, November 5, 2011

archi-torture 2


4 and a half more years.


Friday, November 4, 2011

first love

Thank freakin' god its freakin' friday!

here's what happen today, Friday. (:

Ni-shie wanted someone to follow her to buy dress for her aunties 50th birthday dinner. so, i accompanied her to choose a dinner dress. you know... girls needs opinions before buying anything. and even then, after giving really positive comments already, THEY STILL WANNA THINK IT OVER!  ( like me :P )  

oh, we shopped at curve.

we went to this shop called marry marry. they sell all types of gowns, wedding dresses, short cute dresses. etc. 

nishie was the one who was suppose to buy dresses, instead, i also tried on some. so boring ok wait buta-buta like that. haha! 

the black maxi dress nishie is wearing, cost  RM 499.90
the red short sexy(ilikeit) dress, cost RM499.90 too! 


harmony is being groomed! 

next was lipstick shopping. for me. (:
i've been wanting red lipstick for a LONG time, if you've followed my blog, you should have read somewhere behind, where i wanna get matte red lipstick. 
i tried again today, at Channel. 
it looked so pretty! 
it's RM95 for one of the lipstick

oh, and the middle picture, was some nude color, this is just one of the pictures i took. forgotten to take some after the make-up girl applied on me. ): 

eh eh,, so which should i get? red or nude? 

Last but not least, we had dinner in winter warmers.
their food there is reasonable. considering the nice settings and ambience. 
i personally like this place alot. been here for few times already.
veyr nice place to sit down and just chitchat (:
oh, they are famous for their... english tea.

me and nishie.
before 2nd round of shopping.
dinner (:

Dinner is served! 
top left : mix fruit cocktail - RM9.90
bottom left: honey oat chicken chop - RM 15.90
Bottom right: mix fruit chicken chop - RM 16.90

the prices isnt  that bad la. kan? 

oh, the location is at.. air boardwalk. 
just next to starbucks if im not mistaken.

that all for now, its. 4.55am already. too sleepy to think more. 

tata for now.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


i've got my twitter and facebook account locked! 

it has been taking up 90percent of my working time, 10 percent of really getting down and do my things. too much, harmony, too much. thus, password, locked. 

here's how it went. it has been.. less than 3 hours since its locked, and im kinda itching for it already. boohooooo!

1. CAN CAN!  no problem, lock only. mou man tai laa!

2. scared what!!!! facebook and twitter only whatt. chiu! *flips hair*

3.  10 mins after lock.
errr, wow really locked already... aiks



5. erm... try logging in, ok, its locked. 

6. WTF, seriously!!!! 

7. EMO... whyyyy.

9. i'll be a good girl, give me back the password can? :3
i'll be gooodddd! 


psssss: praising yourself using someones account, not cool! (siapa makan cili rasa pedas!) :P