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Friday, April 27, 2012


it's been months since i've blogged. thanks to instagram, i've been posting pictures in there, non-stop i tell you. anyways, im in my new semester now. year 2 baby! cant believe im finishing in another 1.5 years time and i'll be a degree grad.

on the very first day of class, nishie sent me a text. so touching can! make me wanna cry. miss her so much now. we used to stay up late in campus , rushing for assignments, having our own karaoke and camwhore session ),: 

2 freaking long months of holiday, everyone balik to their own kampung respectively. was pretty lonely in KL ),: well, now all of them are back. but even then, now every one is busy with our assignments, gym, etc. not much time for each other already. 

this is before our presentation. 
all of us wore white (:

during lecture (:

i think ive improve on the way i wear to uin these days. lol
we're awesome like that! 

and then, its grannys birthday. (,:
happy birthday super gran! 

it wasnt a big scale birthday for her, but she enjoyed i suppose. lol all her old friends came by too. 

some random things for granny, from her cucu cicit. <3 

this pictures is not related to any occations. erm i just love this heels so much. it's like a dream come true. lol so cheap somemore. 

now, this boy is making my house his second house now. 7 days a week, 4 days in harmony's house. lol. sometimes i even wonder how and why can i even meet someone like him. sohai can die. 

bits and pieces (: 

k bye.
i'm just so damn lazy to type any longer. 

random fact: im trying to lose weight so desperately, but im eating more than i move. harmony is obese !

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